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Who are we?

Levion (short for Learn Vietnamese Online) is an online Vietnamese learning platform ecosystem, with the core products through case videos and cultural experiences. Besides, we also build highly applicable test sets and documents, designed by a dedicated team of high quality in Vietnamese language training.

The Levion story

The Levion story

As Your Vietnamese Tutor transforms into Levion, we want to build a fresh, diversified language and culture learning ecosystem for all Vietnamese lovers.
Levion team is growing and improving! Not only to share our profound love for Vietnam, we are here to accompany you on the journey to understand the language and discover Vietnam’s hidden charms. Not everything is in the book; you will experience a modern, progressing Vietnam through the eyes of real locals

Our Vision

Join Vietnamese learners from around the world to become fluent and confident in the community we are building!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality Vietnamese language education that is accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world. We strive to create a dynamic and engaging learning experience that not only teaches the language but also fosters an appreciation for Vietnamese culture. By leveraging technology and innovative teaching methods, we aim to make learning Vietnamese fun, efficient, and accessible to everyone.

Our "Vi" mascot story

The name “Vi” is the abbreviation for our brand Levion, and also for Vietnam.
In the costume of the purple calf, Vi is a young child that shares your curiosity and drives to learn and explore. Just like you, he can’t wait to discover all of the Vietnamese essences.
You will find Vi in a lot of situations and places on all Levion digital platforms. Finding it difficult to learn Vietnamese words, grammar, or customs? Don't worry; Vi is always here to support you!

The Levion team

The Levion team

We each have a distinct color, but we all share a common thing: our deep love for Vietnamese language and culture. At Levion, we will guide you through the beautiful Vietnam of intriguing history, distinctive cultures and hospitable people.